#005 Why is Obama So Popular in Japan?

The other day, I watched a few popular YouTubers interview Obama. It was on The White House’s official YouTube channel and the interviewers were Bethany Mota, GloZell Green, and Hank Green.
During the interview, Bethany talked about China, pointing out that when she was in China, how she felt isolated because of the internet restriction. She thought that China was not part of the ‘global community.’
‘How can we make them part of it?’ she asked.
What she said struck me as quite arrogant and very culturally inconsiderate. I was eager to hear Obama’s answer…


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One thought on “#005 Why is Obama So Popular in Japan?

  1. It’s easy to see Obama as someone who’s considerate to other cultures, because he dislikes American culture, which is a fatal flaw to have in a president. In nearly all of his comments, you’ll hear a part that underlines an imperfection in American culture, followed by something that the questioner/interviewer wants to hear.
    Keep in mind that Bush had the memory of Tiananmen Sqare fresh in his mind, and as a leader and a man who loves his people, he sees what happened there as a serious breakdown of government. Mr. Obama has a history of defending people who are guilty of horrific acts. Even unto making excuses for them.

    I will admit that we Americans have an evangelical attitude toward our culture, as imperfect as it is, but there are a good number of us who value the differences, the richness of other cultures.

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