#009 How to make friends in Japan (offline)

How to make friends in Japan? In my opinion, there are two types of friends in Japan: group friends and individual friends. You can go out with a group of people without really making personal connections. So if you are looking for individual friends who you can go out with, make friends accordingly.
In university, I tried different approaches to make friends, and I’d like to share some of my techniques.


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One thought on “#009 How to make friends in Japan (offline)

  1. I’m stressing over the fact that I am preparing my travel for Japan(Tokyo) next year around October, meeting people(and visiting of course) is the main reason I want to go over there, I’ve been waiting over 12 years to make it.
    I met some japanese people when I was in Chile and I really felt intimidated, the way the person was looking at me was like she was looking at my soul, it feels weird to write this, but really that’s the feeling I had, I felt impressed for an unknown reason( still to this day), but in the end, it’s all good, because it’s a whole new life philosophy to explore/learn.
    I will have minimal/basic japanese, at least I have english, spanish and french, but I do hope it’ll be enough to hang out with local peoples over there, I don’t have the student profile as I’m now employed, so… yeah, I hope it’ll be fine, time goes by really fast and I try to get as much information as possible, through your blogs/videos, keep up the good work.

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