#010 The Best Female Singer in Japan? On Saya Asakura

The other day, I bumped into a video where Saya Asakura was singing, and she blew my mind. This girl can really, really sing! In this episode, I will attempt to explain why she is so great. I will look at different aspects of singing: resonance, vocal registers, tones, phrasing, control etc, while presenting examples of her singing.
The songs I quoted in this episodes are: Hana, Mogamigawa Funauta, Kaede, Melt, Let it go, Tokyo by Saya Asakura, and La Solitudine by Laura Pausini.


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One thought on “#010 The Best Female Singer in Japan? On Saya Asakura

  1. My favorite J-pop artist is Namie Amuro. She does not sound as talented as Saya Asakura but part of the reason I admire Namie is her perseverance in the J-pop industry, dancing, and her versatility of singing styles.

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