#002 Are You an Introvert?

Are you an introvert? In this podcast episode, I talk about an unofficial introversion scale that Susan Cain, the author of Quiet, introduces.
I’m an extremely introverted person. I’m also sociable so some people thin I’m an extrovert, but deep inside, I have much more introverted qualities than extroverted qualities. In this regard, I’m in the right country (Japan) because Japanese society is much more introverted than many western societies, namely the United States.
So, how about you? How introverted (or extroverted) are you?


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2 thoughts on “#002 Are You an Introvert?

  1. Wow!!! First of all, you have such a kind and good voice. So listening wax a pleasure. What Can i Say. I’m a black French woman and people who know me tell I’m extroverted and the others that i’m shy. But i don’t know, as a piano Player, singer and writer, i think it depends of the situation and the person I just follow my intuition, the artiste side.

  2. I think I’m also kind of Introvert. In Thailand, People tend to think bad of being introvert just like American people you described. I have to try to be out going most of the time so people wouldn’t think bad of me. But sometime I could be a very extrovert person, especially when I’m with my close friend and family. I did try your test and I got 10 out of 16. So I’m not that extreme but still I enjoy my time alone.

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