#008 What I Thought of Asian Countries I’ve Been To

I talk about Asian countries I’ve been to: Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, China, and Taiwan.


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2 thoughts on “#008 What I Thought of Asian Countries I’ve Been To

  1. Hi Yuta,

    I have been to the countries you mentioned and many more in Asia. I agree on what you said about Taiwanese people. It is a fascinating mix between China, Japan, a little bit of Korea and Indonesia or Philippines. No other people in East Asia is so honestly open-minded. Japanese people are as friendly but they tend to be shy and very busy.
    Good luck for your blog and keep on blogging!


  2. Hello,
    Good to hear that you enjoy the moment in Thailand, my home country. I agree some of people have a very good English but the majority of us is really not. We still have a lot of English Education problems. That why many of us tend to be really shy toward foreigners. I don’t think Thai people are shy though.

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