#011 Why is Naruto Less Popular than One Piece in Japan?

In Japan, One Piece is way more popular than Naruto. In fact, Once Piece is so popular that one time, it occupied the entire top 100 best selling manga. In this episode, I will try to explain why One Piece is so popular, and why Naruto is less in Japan.
It seems that this tendency also exists in Asian countries: Asian countries tend to prefer One Piece while Western countries tend to prefer Naruto.


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2 thoughts on “#011 Why is Naruto Less Popular than One Piece in Japan?

  1. Great blog, It was nice to hear.

    I also agree with you on the dub! To me, In English Dub, The voices sound out of place with the character –

    So for example, You might have a Rockstar-looking guy, In Japanese his voice will sound sharp and crisp, And in English they make his voice sound more high-pitched, Soft and Feminine.

    Sometimes it just doesn’t capture the image of the character correctly.

    I also find in the original Japanese version, It’s alot more emotional. There’s plenty of emotional content in their speech, Which is one of the biggest and most important parts to me. The English dub just doesn’t capture correctly the emotions the characters are feeling, Especially when it comes to sadness. I’d say, It captures 20% at best.

  2. Yeah, I have the impression that the acting in japanese movies and drama, feels a bit more “fictional”, as in less “bound” to how people act in real life.
    As someone not used to this I find it that it sometimes breaks “the immersion”. I think this is probably a matter of getting used to, but it’s weird to an outsider.

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