Privacy Policy

At, we ensure utmost privacy to all our customers’ information that is being collected at the time of purchase. We collect e-mail addresses, names and some more information while making payment through PayPal. We do not collect your credit card information, as it is already handled by PayPal.

We are always committed to exercise needful measures to protect the customers’ information while keeping their privacy needs in mind. We sincerely value and respect the faith that you show in our website. Therefore, we diligently and duly make sure that your privacy and confidentiality is safeguarded and protected. This privacy policy is applicable for all the services offered by us. It is a clear assumption that you are agreeing to our policy while signing up and using our services.

The data or information collected from the visitors will be used more effectively by our website to improve the users’ experience to a significant extent. We always exercise quality measures to make good use of this information for the website improvements, and will not be shared to third parties unless mentioning in the privacy policy.

There is a provision to opt-out or opt-in for this data sharing, and this will provide us required consent in this regard. Also, there is a chance to use this personal information for the required legal issues based up on the involvement of law enforcement authority. Our Privacy Policy will come into force to protect our legal rights when a user violates the usage at the website. In addition to it, any third party that purchases through this site will be having complete rights to use this information in the similar manner according to our policy.

It is a common practice to collect the IP address and browser information of the visitors to our website. You may request to modify your personal information, if you get any anomalies. You can also ask us to remove your personal information if you would like it to be deleted from our database.

We use cookies when someone accesses our website. Cookie is a small amount of site’s data, which is placed on the visitor’s computer. These are also used to recognize users who are revisiting the website.

This kind of property will make these cookies completely harmless, and thus there is no scope for any affect or adverse results.

We regularly use server logs for our official analytical purpose. We use HTTP headers and server logs for these analytics. This will not create any adverse effect over your regular visits, but it keeps us informed about the multiple visits of a single visitor to create our analytics more realistic. Analytics is almost an internal process of our website with no harm at your part.

Protecting personal information of our customers is always our primary motto with predetermined safe approach. Our system is completely safe with no scope for storing credit card information during and after the purchase process. We always keep our customers’ information protected and it will not be shared with any third party.

We reserve all the rights to modify the usage of cookies as well. Therefore, this statement might be modified as per the requirements in order to display the latest modifications in our systems.

It is highly imperative to mention that our privacy policy is subjected to change on timely basis. We are authorized and rightful to modify or change this Privacy Policy at any time. These changes will be instantly posted on this page and some of the significant changes will be informed through a prominent notice or via mails to our registered members.

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Jennifer Evasco
Jennifer Evasco
6 years ago

Hi Yuta, I am a Filipino who is one of your you tube followers. I find your channels interesting and informative as well. I'm writing you because I want to make a business proposal regarding opening an online English language school or other English language related business. If you are interested, I appreciate it if we can meet to discuss some details. Hope to here from you soon. Mind you this is not a spam and I mean business.