What Anime Characters Do Japanese People Like?

(Written by Deku) Naruto, Goku, Midoriya, Miyazaki, Mikasa! If any of these names ring a bell, then you are definitely a fan of anime! Kawaii (cute) anime characters can often get you hooked to the shows. But have you ever wondered which characters are adored by the native fans in Japan? We decided to go […]

What Music Are Japanese People into in 2020?

(Written by Deku) Japan is full of rich art & culture! And thanks to the anime culture and their OSTs, people all around the globe are now interested in Japanese music. And not just humans, Japan has singers that don’t even exist! That’s right, we are talking about Hatsune Miku, the face of Vocaloid! But, […]

Japan Sex Statistics by Sagami

Sagami, Japan’s leading condom company, conducted a survey on sex in Japan in 2013. Their results are highly interesting, and I always refer to them. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough information in English, so I decided to write about it. The survey was conducted in January 2013 with 14,100 respondents with an equal distribution […]

My book about mixed dating in Japan is available to pre-order!

Hi guys, recently, I’ve written a book about mixed dating in Japan and it’s ready to pre-order! The book features about 15 interviews of people of 8 nationalities who have valuable experience of dating in Japan. Their stories are variously crazy, heart-warming, bittersweet and happy. The book is available in digital and paperback format and […]

New ‘About Me’ Page!

Hey guys, I wrote a new About Me page. I talk about how I grew up in Hiroshima, how I learnt English, and how I made so many international friends. I you haven’t read it yet, check it out here.

Getting Ripped off in Shanghai

­I got off the train at East Nanjing Road Station. As soon as I was out on the street a girl approached me. It was already past 11 pm. ‘Ni hao.’ She said something in Chinese. ‘Sorry, I don’t speak Chinese,’ I said. ‘Korean?’ she asked. ‘No, I’m Japanese.’ She started speaking broken Japanese. ‘Would […]

Why Japanese Men Pay $30,000 in a Hostess Bar

This is a story of an Eastern European girl who ventured into Japanese hostess bars. Let’s call her Anna. She was very curious about Japanese hostess bars and wanted to know why guys pay so much money. So she decided to try it out herself. What’s special about Anna is that she ended up working […]

What Happens When You Fall in Love – How Romantic Love Works

I was in my second year at my Japanese high school. I was walking along a hot, summer street to school. There was something different that day. I was thinking about the previous night I had spent with the girl I was in love with. The sun, the sky, the asphalt road, the green trees, […]