Being Awkward is Freedom – On LAHWF (Andrew Hales)

If you are a normal person who has good social skills, this video will make you feel very uncomfortable. The title is ‘Staring at people 3’. Basically he stares at random people in public without saying (or saying some creepy) words. He tries both men and women. It is almost too painful to watch. He […]

You Know You Are Japanese When

1. You protest vehemently when they think you are Chinese Let’s face it: people will keep saying that you are Chinese in most of the non-Asian countries, at least for another couple of decades if not centuries. If you are Japanese, I bet you have tried to explain the differences between China and Japan many […]

What Men Really Talk About

The nature of men’s conversation can be described as what they call a ‘dick measuring contest’. Every time there is more than one man, a conversation automatically turns into such a contest no matter how sophisticated they may appear. As a human being of the male variant, I have had the privilege of getting involved […]

Dating: Your ‘Race’ Counts! – Controversial Data from OkCupid

Sorry if the title was too explicit. But, by far, these are the most interesting (and controversial) statistics I’ve encountered lately. I was initially writing this text as part of the next article but it became so lengthy that I decided to make it a separate post. All the data presented in this article are […]

Don’t Japanese Men Cheat? (What Pop Music Says About Cheating)

It seems like Latin guys are always asking for forgiveness. What do they want to be forgiven for? Cheating, obviously. That’s the impression I get when I listen to Latin songs. Latin guys cheating First, check out this song: You think I stopped loving you You are wrong I know why I failed. It’s because […]

Why I Choose SendGrid over AWeber, Mailjet, and Amazon SES

It seemed like everybody was telling me to use AWeber. I remembered that this guy who was speaking at a marketing seminar was saying he used it. I looked for what people on Quora were saying and AWeber seemed to be promising. I visited some of the famous internet figures to check if they were […]

I Thought I Would Never Bike all the Way

My colleagues were teasing me. They were insisting that I should come to the office by bicycle the next day. I always took the train, but they were riding their bikes to the office regularly. It was no big deal for them, but I wasn’t sure if I could do it. ‘Look, it’s only 13.6 […]

How to avoid tourist traps (and find authentic places)

People often don’t understand me when I say that I don’t go to famous tourist places when I travel. They get confused when I tell them that I haven’t been to many famous spots even though I travel a lot. If I want to go to a new country, it’s because I’m interested in its […]

Just Ask: An Important Lesson Learnt in India

I learnt an important life lesson when I was 18. I was in India for two months, and it was my very first travel experience completely by myself. I took an interest in India in my early teens, and when everyone was busy studying for the university entrance exams in the last semester of high […]